Sunday, April 13


I'm currently lying on a deckchair in Sri Lanka. A huge swimming pool is behind me and the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean are in front of me. I wish I could blog from here all the time!
You guys know the drill with these catch up posts. Here's how Spring's played out so far...

This relatively hidden spot is my favourite bit of the Exeter uni campus.. Especially in the Spring and Summer, and especially, especially when it's in full bloom.

We tried out TWC's wholegrain banana bread waffles with cinnamon sugar in our new waffle iron. Oh boy were they good. 
They were even better with Nutella.. like most things are.

My new fave club in Exeter - Cavern. Somehow I'd never been in my two years there.

After being inspired by a salad I had a Zizzi and not being able to stop thinking about it I was forced to recreate it. 
You can now find a recipe for my version right here.

All the girls bailed for a friend of mine's birthday night out and I was left with only the boys. Fifteen of them in fact. My kinda ratios. 

For lent I gave up chocolate (and bread and crisps and sweets). At the time it seemed like a great excuse to gorge myself on all my favourite chocolates on Shrove Tuesday. The following day I knew it was a bad idea and 33 days later it is still a bad idea. 
The good news is that in just seven sleeps I get to gorge myself again yay!

Becoming quite the sweaty Betty in spinning.

Getting very excited before The Mrs Carter Show.

I think this green juice is the s**t. Pret's done it again people. It's the ginger that really makes it work in my opinion.

Chia seed pud with almonds, coconut, almond butter and Booja Booja cashew ice cream (my tummy doesn't love dairy and this is my dairy free fave).
To make the basis I pour a whole tin of light coconut milk into a bowl, stir in lots of cinnamon and a lil' bit of vanilla bean paste, chuck in the chia seeds, stir it all together and leave it in the fridge overnight. This'll last me for a few breakfasts or snacks.
Chia is a fantastic source of fibre, protein, omega 3 and lots of other good things.

One of my favourite boys took me as his date to the lacrosse End of Season Dinner. It was mayhem.

I can't get enough of Green Kitchen's Healthy Desserts app. I've tried out a few recipes, including these lemon and coconut macaroon bars, and loved them all.

The lovely lil' sis came down to Exeter to visit me for a night. We had a hungover lunch at Bill's. 

Alice and I sippin' smoothies at Exeter's Boston Tea Party. Definitely going to try and recreate my one at home - blueberries, ginger, apple juice and half a banana.

One of my best friends from home - Hattie - had her 21st in the most stunning room at Chandos House in London. Sadly I forgot to bring my big camera, but my iPhone just about captures how amazing the room was. I was lucky enough to be at one of the heads and I had the best view. It was so surreal every time I looked up! As always it was so, so nice to see all my wonderful home girls. 

After a week of heavy drinking on ski trip, and a whole term of university it's detox/no alcohol time!
The detox hasn't lasted, but I'm quite enjoying the no alcohol!
The first morning back after skiing I had chia pudding for breakfast along with a whole bunch of fruit. Yum.

Remember how I said I wanted to go back to Edamame for their sushi night? Well, I finally did! Tara and I cycled into town, picked up our huge order and cycled home at top speed, dying to tuck in. 
It was amazing. All the fish was so fresh and they did the yummiest tender beef handroll. Hands down the best sushi in Oxford!

I don't know why, but this is one of my favourite instagrams I've taken.  There's something I find so aesthetically pleasing about it.
No - not all my packing is quite like this. Or any of it for that matter.

Sri Lanka posts are coming soon.

In the meantime find plenty of pics on my instagram riiight here!
I'm going back to watching the waves and bronzing my bod.

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Friday, April 11

Sponta Ski Trip

Ten days before the Exeter uni ski trip set off I wasn't planning on going.
Discussions about the upcoming trip increased as it drew nearer and serious FOMO (fear of missing out) ensued.
I had a proper think about it and wondered why on earth I wasn't going. There were basically no reasons.
No more than twenty-four hours later had I booked flights and transfers as well as renting skis and sorting a ski pass. 
Finding a bed would come later.
It's probably the most spontaneous decision I've ever made and also the best decision I've ever made.

Having been last year for the full trip and blogging about it rather blow-by-blow (click each word for each of the three parts!) I thought this year we'd do a lil whistle stop tour.

I travelled to Val Thorens with a few boys and we had such a fun, stress-free journey.
We arrived at the same time as the coaches pulled in and said our hellos, all of us buzzing with excitement.
It was so nice coming back to a place we already knew.
A lovely bunch of my friends had incredibly kindly adopted me as a roomie and we quickly nicked a mattress that was going spare and squeezed it into the room. I'd hit the jackpot!
The day and night passed in a flurry of adrenalin and alcohol infused mayhem. I still couldn't actually believe I was there.
The next morning we were up on the slopes by 10am. Quite an impressive feat given the both the time difference and clock change.

We skied as a room over the slightly overcast mountains.
Just as I was gaining confidence and shedding fear I had an impressive wipe out. Typical.
I flew a good few metres and landed face first then skidded down the slope losing a ski en route.
Absolutely covered in snow (even in my knickers!) I was predominantly unscathed except for a sore arm.
We paused for a recovery break and a much needed Orangina as the clouds cleared. 

After a few more hours of skiing and a few hiccups (including a stolen phone) we made our way to the place of dreams - The Folie Douce.
Don't worry Mummy - those beers aren't all mine.

In no time I was up on the tables, being showered in champagne and dancing the afternoon away. The dream.

After naps had been had, crepes had been eaten and drinking games had been played another incredibly fun night followed.

The sun was up and out on the slopes in the morning so we jumped out of bed and headed up.
We had the most amazing few hours of skiing in stunning surroundings. We stuck to VT as the lower resorts were getting pretty slushy in the sunshine.

Have I mentioned to you guys I represented India in the recent Sochi Olympics?

Just kidding.. this killer jacket was borrowed from one of my best friends who was volunteering at Sochi during his year out in Russia. 
It attracted endless questions and was deemed the coolest jacket in the resort by the reps! 
Shame my skiing didn't quite match up...

That afternoon we alternated our après and hit up Bar 360. 
It has a more chilled out vibe than the Folie so for the first hour or so we laid back and relaxed before the party got started.
Naturally we were the first to hit the dance floor and soon everyone followed. 

We were all so content and as cliché as it sounds we were having the time of our lives. 
I could happily have stayed there forever!

The ski down was amusing as always and that afternoon we followed our usual routine before a big girlie pres and another night out. 
It's certainly not a very sustainable lifestyle.

My final day was another cracker. 
The mountains were looking their best and I think having Olympic rings on my back certainly made my skiing improve.

My last Folie was the best Folie ever. Ever.

I was on a front table with the birthday boy, also the Ski Club President (and a good friend of mine), and we got the Folie Man (official name) to get the whole place singing Happy Birthday. 
Birthdays don't get better. 
Champagne was being showered left, right and centre and all the boys were long-arming their drinks in celebration. 


Once again we were all literally and metaphorically on top of the world.

Encores happened again and again until we were all forced to leave.

With one of my roommates turning 21 at midnight (and it being my last night) we made sure we celebrated sufficiently that night.

The few days of the trip were one-hundred percent some of the best days of my life and I urge anyone who has the opportunity to go on their uni ski trip.
It's such a great opportunity to meet new people, get closer to those you already know and completely let loose.
If you're gonna go then make sure you fully embrace it. Last year I don't think I quite got into it enough, whereas this year I did and, as I've said probably too many times now, it was the best!

Spontaneity is something I'm going to endeavour to practice more often.. clearly it pays off!

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