Tuesday, March 3

I'm starting a new blog!

Dear lovely readers,

Having loved this little spot of the web for a couple of years now, I've decided it's time to move on.
I started this blog when I was younger and in the past few months I've had little motivation to keep it up. I feel like I've grown out of the style of blogging I was doing and wanted to start afresh. To me this blog had become a little stale so I thought it best to start something new. Of course the general themes will be similar - just a little more sophisticated (I hope!). 

As well as virtually, sadly my literal uni years are coming to an end too creating another reason to start a new blog.

I've always been overwhelmed by the support this blog received so I hope you'll continue to keep up with the next chapter of my life.

I plan on launching the new blog in the next ten days so please bear with me (I'll post on here when it's launched). 

In the mean time you can find me on instagram and twitter

With love,
India x

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Wednesday, November 19

Lime Wood Hotel

I'm completely fed up of all this cold and rain, and the prospect of the wettest winter in more than 30 years ain't makin' it any better.
I can't help but day dream about sunnier times as I sit in the library and write boring essays. 
I've got a whole summery backlog of posts so I thought that instead of wallowing in the winter doom and gloom I'd re-live those warmer adventures here.
First up is a visit to the stunning Lime Wood Hotel in the New Forest. 
Say hello to countryside chic at it's finest.

My fabulous Godmother, Judy, lives just twenty minutes from this picturesque boutique hotel, so when I went to stay with her during the summer she made sure we made a trip. She's queen of spoiling so I knew I was in for a treat.
The hotel is set in a 13th century former hunting lodge and features modern and luxurious decor, without losing any authentic charm.

Rather than eating in the main restaurant, Judy had booked for us to have lunch at the spa where they have a little food bar called 'Raw & Cured'. It serves fresh, seasonal healthy dishes and juices.
She knows how much I love my whole-foods so it was absolutely perfect.

It was one of those scorchingly hot days (hard to recall now, I know) so we sat outside in the shade.

We ordered basically everything on the menu. It was heaven.

Veggie filled nori rolls with a parsnip and pine nut 'rice'.

Asparagus, pea and goat's cheese salad.

Dehydrated tomato salad with dates, tomatoes, walnuts and balsamic. This was my favourite - I've been meaning to recreate it since!

Spicy Thai wraps filled with veggies, chilli and spices.

Raw pizza topped with houmous, feta and tomatoes (sooo good!).

Courgetti topped with Crab tartar and avocado.

Raw picnic board (including some amazing sweetcorn 'bread')

It was all completely delicious, I felt like I was in LA or something. If only there were more places like this!
I've been longing to return ever since.
After stuffing our faces we were in serious need of a wander. Luckily the beautiful grounds provided the perfect place in which to do so.

Don't you just love Hattie's (Judy's lovely daughter) jumpsuit?

The gorgeous gardens are scattered with sculptures. 

We became rather fond of this egg chair. Boy do I miss being so tanned!

The inside features a boot room filled with lines of pastel hunters in all sizes.
Countryside without the mud is my kind of countryside.

The whole feel of the hotel is something of rural luxury. It's the perfect mixture of fun and cool with a heavy dose of sophistication.
I imagine it's wonderfully cosy in the winter, I might have to go back and check though... Just to be sure.
Until next time Lime Wood.

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Wednesday, November 12

Winter Wardrobe

I'm so sorry that I'm so absent from the blogosphere at the moment. Third year is crazy busy!
Here's a little snippet of what my dream winter wardrobe would compose of (including lots of recent purchases of my own..!).
If you can't see the pictures then make sure your ad blocker is turned off! It may take a little while to load - especially on a mobile device so give it a sec. The items are worth the wait in my opinion! Just click on the pictures to buy them or find out more. Happy shopping!

What's on your winter wish list?
Hopefully I'll be back with a lifestyle post soon.. In the mean time thank you for sticking with me!

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Sunday, October 5

Hollywood 21st

This summer I was lucky enough to have 21sts left, right and centre. 
Kicking off the parties was Lily - one of my beautiful (now ex) housemates - with a Hollywood themed bash.
A month or so before, a lanyard arrived in the post with a little clapboard detailing the party plans on the end. 
It was the coolest invitation I'd ever receieved... Clearly this was going to be a goodun'.

Finally the day of the party arrived.
I twisted the Hollywood into Bollywood and rocked up in a sparkly sari I'd had made in Sri Lanka. 
I was channelling Frieda Pinto in Slumdog Millionaire or Jesminder in Bend It Like Beckham - you decide! 
We wandered into the stunning garden whilst being papped by looming photographers.

There was such a fun atmosphere with everyone going all out with their costumes - I think the Queen of Hearts wins it though!
Naturally Lil looked gorgeous as Cleopatra. 
We mingled with bubbly, 'Oscar Mules' and 'Hollywood Hangover' cocktails in hand.

Delicious canapés were passed around; I couldn't help but follow the waitresses carrying them around.
There is no such thing as too many canapés.

I can't get enough of these guys.

The theme was executed perfectly - no details were missed.
Film theme tunes were playing, glass box tables were filled with movie memorabilia, there was a prop-filled photobooth and to top it off a life sized Oscar award stood on a podium in the marquee!

The champagne had even dressed up for the occasion.

We moved inside and gravitated towards the ornate photo booth... Repeatedly.

There was time for a little boogie, and a pinch of Borat's booty, before the speeches.

First Lil's best friend from home took to the stage and wowed us all with a video of Lily's most embarrassing and weird moments.
We were all in hysterics.

Then Libby and I followed with a some tales of her life at Exeter. It went down well - I think!
I love doing speeches for friends and was honoured to be asked to do Lils!

Sufficiently humiliated Lil blew out the candles on her showstopper of a cake.

No 21st is complete without hours of dancing. For the rest of the night you could find us happily throwing shapes on the d-floor.
It was an unforgettable night - thank you Smith family! 

Most of the photos are nicked from the amazing photographers at the party!

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