Sunday, September 14

Barcelona 1

For the past year I'd been promising one of my best friend's Nicola that I'd visit her in Barcelona where she was spending her year abroad.
Like most things I do, I left it to the last minute and joined her for her final few days in the city. 
After the smoothest of journeys I arrived to a buzzing predrinks at her flat in El Born.
I made a quick outfit change whilst simultaneously catching up on drinking and catching up with Nicola. 
We headed out and danced the night away, happy to finally be reunited. 
The next morning we pulled our bleary-eyed selves out of bed - Barcelona beach was calling.
With smoothies and suncream in hand we made the short walk to the sandy shores.

Sometimes I just can't stand sunbathing for long. This was one of those times. 
Luckily for me it doesn't take long to change colour so after about forty minutes I was ready to move on.
Further up the beach lay one of Nicola's favourite restaurants - Aqua. 
With her departure from Barcelona just days away we couldn't help but pop in for lunch.

We shared a few tapas plates, mostly naughty deep-fried dishes, along with a couple of salads.
Their white bait and calamari were so light and delicious.

We strolled back to El Born full to the brim.

We passed a cute sweet shop and various street performers doing their thang.

That evening we were hitting up a pool party at the W Hotel, shaped like a sail, situated at one end of Barcelona beach.
After washing salt from our hair and chucking on something a little more suitable we made our way to the 'Wet Deck'.

It was simply stunning.

We explored the beautifully laid out terrace with G&Ts in hand before nabbing ourselves a cabana.

We lazed around for a while whilst doing some excellent people watching - one of my favourite activities.

When the music picked up pace and the sun had disappeared completely we moved to the dance floor and picked up some strawberry mojitos en route.

When our feet could take no more we said our farewells to the W.
It was time to get some beauty sleep.

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Wednesday, September 10

Hijacked Festival Exeter

So I'm officially a very, very bad blogger. I'm so sorry for my three month absence.. my summer has been hectic to say the least. I've done an eight week internship, had a broken laptop, a broken camera been on various trips and had lots of fun! 
I've missed the blogosphere and I'm back with plenty to blog about. 
I'm gonna start by filling in some gaps, beginning with Hijacked festival in Exeter way back at the start of the summer.

This year marked the innagural year for Exeter's first day festival. It was about time our little city got a festival of it's own and with an ever growing interest in the underground music scene it finally happened. And it was a huuge success.
Naturally there was some drizzle, but it didn't dampen spirits, plus what's a British festival without a little rain?
I'm already excited for next year, but before I get ahead of myself.. here are some of this year's highlights...
From early afternoon Hannah and I worked on the YoungOnes stand for a few hours in exchange for a free ticket.
We happily painted everyone's faces with glitter whilst chatting away and sipping on G&Ts.
A pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

If you haven't checked out YoungOnes then you must. It's a clothing brand started by two Exeter students. You may have seen them on Dragon's Den this time last year where they were offered a deal by Duncan Bannatyne. They started out by successfully selling onesies in their second year (I have about three.. they're so comfy) and have grown and grown since then. At the moment they're expanding their range of clothing. You can check them out here and use the promo code MYUNIYEARS to get 20% off! (Valid till Sept 24th 2014)

Everyone went wild for the glitter and we were non-stop for hours. Over the course of the afternoon my G&T intake increased and my precision decreased. When the queues finally died down we were off the hook and headed into the main field to party the day away.
We grabbed drinks and joined our friends dancing and mingling.

With exams out of our minds and summer officially in full swing (minus the rain) everyone was on the best form.

The day flew by and as it got darker things really picked up. Everyone congregated by the main stage and the atmosphere was completely electric.

Of course I jumped at the first opportunity to get up on one of my friend's shoulders..

..Until I was promptly told to get down.

We danced and danced until the music ended and the festival fun was over.
One of the biggest perks of a day festival is you get to sleep in your own bed, so after a lil after party (and maybe a McDonalds) I was happily back home snuggled up.

PS. If you missed it above you can use the code MYUNIYEARS to get 20% off YoungOnes orders till September 24th - Enjoy!

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